Bright Idea

We got this idea from some friends and decided to put up our own blog.I myself have been interested in blogging since college but I never really pursued until I started working. Espie and I both have very similar and varied interests at the same time. He likes to cook.. we both like to eat ^_^ hehe.. Hopefully, we will also be able to document new recipes that Espie or I will try out. If we find out they’re worth it, then we’ll include recipes as well. We will also be featuring new restaurants we have tried as well as their best dishes and the price per dish.We both like to travel and have been to a few local places including Baguio, Bicol and Bohol.. (strange, I only noticed these places all start with a “B”). We have also made several travels with friends and family to other destinations. It was always helpful for us to look at other people’s experiences so that we could choose the right resorts, eat at the restaurants which served the most delicious foods, all within our budget ofcourse 🙂 So we thought of sharing our own experiences through the tidbits of information as well as photographs (I like taking them..) via this blog. I have an excuse to practice my photography skills especially with my new investment, my new baby Nikon D5000.

Comments are welcome 🙂 Till our next post…


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