Review: Sonya’s Garden – Tagaytay City

It even offers spa treatments

I had often heard about Sonya’s Garden and passed by the sign leading to it several times during my frequent visits to Tagaytay with my family. It was only last September though, that Espie and I decided to try it out. He had been there a couple of times with his buddies from work but he was eager to have me see the place.

Salad Greens

One of the restaurants -- formerly a greenhouse from the looks of it

Sonya’s Garden is another popular tourist spot located in cool, windy Tagaytay City. It boasts of luscious gardens with pockets of gardens and comfy nooks made for enjoying the surroundings. It has several restaurants housed in converted greenhouses and serves set “eat all you can” meals all throughout the day.

Their healthy meals include fresh juice, bread with several different spreads, salad with various dressing, pasta and sumptuous dessert. These are all seasoned with herbs right out of their garden. I enjoyed the food so much that I thought I would faint of overeating right after the meal. Espie was worried he would have to carry me to the car ^_^.

Although significantly more expensive than your ordinary fare (averaging around PHP 600++ per meal), I think most of those who have tried it would want to come back for the total experience.

Salad Fixings

They also have cottages available for overnight stay (which we didn’t try) which include meals as well. They have their own panaderia (bread shop) and I must say I really loved their pandecoco and spanish bread. I would definitely go out of my way when I’m in Tagaytay again just to buy several packs.

Fresh Dalandan Fruit Juice

Various Spreads

Sonya’s Garden has also of late been quite popular as a wedding venue and reception. It’s big enough to house several guests and combined with the cool climate of Tagaytay and the sumptuous meals it offers it is sure to gain more popularity.

comfy nooks

Sonya's Garden

I so loved this place that I would have to rate it a 5/5 particularly if you are willing to spend for a good meal and nice ambiance.

pasta toppings


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