Review: Café Breton

It was a day for trying out new places. Right after eating our dinner at Kai. We went over to Greenbelt 3 and decided on Cafe Breton for coffee and dessert. Even though I had passed by it countless times, this was the first time for me to try out their coffee and crepe.

La Pinay???

The cafe was filled to capacity, it being a Friday gimmick night, so we got ourselves some seats outside the cafe. It was quite noisy since we were located right beside Café Havana which is another popular hot spot and party place for foreigners. (Need I say more?)

Café Leigeois

I ordered one of their cold coffee drinks, the Café Leigeois, expecting something out of the ordinary but it turned out to be the usual frappuccino. We also tried some of their crepes like the La Pinay, Strawberry Short Crepe, Normandie and another with bananas which I can’t remember. They were good but not great. (Mental Note: I really must get rid of my high expectations.) They also have their “make your own crepe” menu where you can choose what type of toppings you’d like to go with your crepe.

It started to rain just as we were enjoying our coffee and crepes so I guess that contributed to the overall decline in the experience. I think that if were were able to find seats inside, we would have enjoyed it much better.

Overall, I would have to rate it a 3/5. Prices are affordable particularly for coffee probably with nothing over PHP15o. Their specialty crepes range from about PHP80 to 260.


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