Review: Kai Neo-Japanese Cuisine

Me and my good friends from P&G always have our Christmas Dinner during the holiday season. This year, we decided to try Kai. It’s a neo-Japanese restaurant located at Greenbelt 5 (near the chapel). I have heard only good things about Kai from friends and relatives so it was a good time to try it out.

Setting the Mood

Kai Interior

Sheryl with the Cali Maki

The interior was quite nice and posh. It’s not a very big restaurant so it’s better if you make reservations to make sure you have seats. It’s a good “date place” since it’s quiet and you have a choice of dining al fresco with a view of the surrounding Greenbelt gardens.

As a plus, we even got to see the Ayala Center fireworks display, which I think is every Friday and Saturday at 8PM. Too bad I didn’t have a tripod with me. But I still got in a few good shots.

Since we were a big group, we ordered based on quantity and didn’t get to try some of their specialties.

We ordered California maki (which disappeared so fast I wasn’t able to take a photo except the one of my friends, Sheryl, as she was about to eat it. I do remember that it was very good though and firm. Not the type which falls apart before you even put it in your mouth.

We also ordered some of the usual Japanese food like Kani Salad, Pork Tonkatsu, Chicken Karaage, Chicken Teriyaki, Ika Fry, Ebi Tempura.

I particularly liked the Kani Salad. You have a choice of either the artificial crab or prawn. It was very fresh and full of crab meat. I also liked the Chicken Karaage (fried soy chicken).

Greenbelt Fireworks

They don’t have a very large menu, and as far as “Neo-Japanese” goes, I don’t think it was that different from the traditional Japanese cuisine. If you want to try that, I think that John and Yoko would be a better choice.

Kani Salad

All in all, I enjoyed the experience but the food is not that extraordinary. Would I choose to eat there again? Yes, probably but when I go back, I will try some of their more special dishes. I would have to rate it a 3/5. I guess I had too high hopes. Price: around PHP400 per head.

Ebi Tempura


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