Review: Common’s Bar and Restaurant

It’s been some time since we’ve been able to post any updates. We’ll try to catch up with the next few posts beginning with this new bar and restaurant we’ve tried.

Common’s Bar and Restaurant is located at the ground level of the Manhattan Square Condominium along Valero St. right in front of the Citibank Tower.

It really looks more like a restaurant than a bar with its adequate lighting. Basketball fans can enjoy a big screen projection of NBA on one side of the restaurant’s wall. In the two times we’ve been there, it seems that is the only thing they do show.

One thing we can say though, is that they serve good food. Two of our personal favorites would be the bangus belly with shiitake sauce (hopefully I got the name right) as well as their crispy tapa.We were also able to try their prawn in crab fat (sinful!) as well as their desserts.

Prawn in Crab Fat

Crispy Tapa

Most of the servings are just right. But some of the prices may be too expensive. Overall, we would have to rate it a 4/5 just because we loved the bangus and tapa. We definitely want to come back a third time.

Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

Frozen Brazo


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