Review: Amora’s Home

In our quest to enjoy what is left of the very short Philippine cold season, we spent the last two days of January in Tagaytay. Given that we were a group of 9, it was hard to find a reasonably priced hotel where we could spend the night. We tried the usual places but found that there was either no vacancy or the prices were higher than what we were willing to pay for an impromptu stay.

Good thing my  brother was able to hear of Amora’s Home. No one in the family had ever stayed there so we were really gambling on a hope that it would be a decent place to stay in. Luckily they had a family room (well it’s actually more of a suite) available. Rate is at PHP 6,000 per night and it already has two rooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom. I consider that a real bargain. The family room is big enough for 10 pax and they provide clean mattresses as extra beds.

One of the two bedrooms

Dining Room and Living room (far end)

Amora’s Home is located in front of the Picnic Grove. It’s actually one part of the owner’s house converted into rooms for rent. It’s very easy to find and if you get to stay in the family room, you have a two car garage all to yourself.

I was really anxious about how the place would look and when I saw it from the outside, I really had doubts. But I had already committed to the owner and since we didn’t make any deposit, we had to keep our word. It was a good thing our gamble paid off. They allowed us to check in early 🙂 The place is so-so on the main level but when they showed us the family suite, it was really nice. It was quite roomy and comfortable and it’s just right for a family or group of friends. It’s also very clean. They also have some kitchen utensils you can use. It’s not complete though so if you plan to cook, it’s best you bring your own. We also had to bring our own dining utensils.

Living Room

From Amora’s Home, you can walk to Picnic Grove to enjoy the view. You can also walk your way to Good Shepherd to buy some ube or strawberry jam. However, there are very few restaurants within the vicinity.

It was a nice and very affordable place to enjoy Tagaytay’s cool climate and we will definitely visit Amora’s Home again. We’re giving it a 4/5 specific to the family rooms. We can’t rate the other rooms since we didn’t get a chance to see the inside.


One thought on “Review: Amora’s Home

  1. I also love Amora’s Home. Their single room good for two is very affordable and it is the cleanest among the area. They have hot and cold shower that I need for the cold weather which is not available from other apartelles around. I will definitely go back there. 


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