Excited to get my Nexus One

Can I just say this? I am really excited to get by new phone. This is my first smart-phone and after researching extensively and weighing the pros and cons, I decided to get the Nexus One.

Why did I choose it over the iPhone? Simple, I really didn’t like to be limited by iTunes. Everything has to pass through that software if you want the iPhone. It’s not even that good of a software.

This is my first major purchase online (since this is the only way you can buy it) and it has to be shipped to a location in the US.

I can’t really dwell on any negative feedback anymore so I just hope that it will at least meet my expectations. I will probably post a review once I get it. Wish me luck!

For anyone who’s interested in making a purchase visit the website at: http://www.google.com/phone/?hl=en&s7e=

Google Phone - "Nexus One"


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