God’s Greatest Gift

Now officially a mom!

So even though I had the greatest of intentions, I still wasn’t able to update my blog..

I’m hoping to start back up again but, no promises.

So just like I said in my last post, in early of January this year, God gave us the greatest gift.. I got pregnant unexpectedly and I had to put most of my energy into ensuring that I had a healthy pregnancy especially after my two miscarriages in 2009. I also started a new job in the same month so you can just imagine my predicament.

Samantha Nadine S. Erispe

About 3 weeks ago, last August 29th, at 2:13AM, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center. This was after almost 24 hours of labor 🙂 Thank God, I was able to have a normal delivery with no complications. Up until now, I still can’t imagine how she was able to fit in my tummy 🙂 Looking at her makes me believe in miracles.

First Smile

Her name is Samantha which means “God Heard”. I liked the name right away when I found out the meaning.  Right now I’m still on maternity leave and hopefully that will give me some time to update this blog while taking care of my baby girl at the same time. I must admit it’s hard being a first time mom. Not knowing if you’re baby is getting enough milk from breast feeding or not knowing how to make her stop crying. I’m so paranoid I wake up about 15 times during the night just to check if she’s breathing okay.

Holding his little girl for the first time

She’s about to turn a month old soon, and Espie and I are always lacking in sleep but just one look at her takes all the exhaustion away. We can’t stop thanking God enough and we continue to pray that she will be a healthy baby and we will be able to take good care of her and raise her well.


2 thoughts on “God’s Greatest Gift

    1. hey mare.. oo nga.. sana nga matuloy tuloy ko hehe.. ako din, I will be reading your blog regularly for updates.. in fact i will link your blog with mine para mas madali hehe.. miss you mare.. kwento ka when you start work na ha..


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