Review: LilyBoy’s Bed and Breakfast

In front of the main house

When my eldest brother was about to leave for Canada, we decided to have one last overnight stay in Tagaytay before he left. Having been to Tagaytay too many times to count, we had been to just about every point of interest there and stayed at various inns, B&B’s and hotels all over the city.

Hearty Breakfast

Gazebo by the pool

It was by luck that we stumbled on to LilyBoy’s Bed and Breakfast. The reason why I say it’s luck is because

Nook with Floor to Ceiling Windows

their website doesn’t even say LilyBoy’s. But what a lucky find it was. It’s probably one of the best there is in Tagaytay when it comes to B&B’s.

It’s located away from the main highway and the turnoff is very near Bag of Beans and Soto Grande. It’s a very quaint place and it’s quiet and cool and everything I am looking for in Tagaytay. Lately, there have been more and more tall buildings and structures being built around the city that it’s taking away from it’s beauty and allure.

It’s the best value for your money with large rooms and all the amenities you require. It even has two swimming pools. They also serve a very hearty and complete breakfast. The owners have an eye for design and it is very evident particularly in the main house which we have been lucky to rent out twice. I don’t think it’s being advertised as part of the rooms for rent on their site. If you’re lucky enough to rent it, you would appreciate the indoor sitting area by the front of the house with floor to ceiling windows, and the small indoor garden right across. Their living rooms and dining area are spacious, and you will really love their gazebo over the pool. Outside the whole compound are rustic farmlands and residential areas where you can enjoy walking early in the morning.

Small indoor garden

I guess the only thing missing is wifi connection hehe.. well it would have been nice to be able to post photos real time, but alas, we can’t get everything we want. They do have cable television though 🙂 and it doesn’t hurt to be near the Bag of Beans if you want to enjoy some late night coffee and blueberry cheesecake. 🙂

We’ve been there four times, and we are definitely going back.

I give it 5/5 stars. 🙂 See you soon LilyBoy’s!

Right outside the master’s bedroom — shown here with our baby, Samantha about to turn 1 year old.

LilyBoy’s Bed and Breakfast is located at Cruzado Extension, Guinhawa South, Tagaytay City, Cavite. For inquiries you may call Mobile: (+63916) 281-1965 or Phone: (+6346) 483-0497. You may also email:


9 thoughts on “Review: LilyBoy’s Bed and Breakfast

  1. Hi,

    We have newly opened Private resort near Lilyboy’s B&B. I just want to invite you to come and have an free overnight stay in our place. You can come with your close friend and family. Our house is available for daily and weekly rent. If your time allowed, I hope you can grant my request. This is my first time to invite blogger to visit our place for free because I strongly believe that medium like this will help our business to meet the needs of customer :-). You can reach me at 0917-8450523.

    Thank you. Excited to meet you


  2. Hi. Your reviews are very helpful. Well-written and descriptive without being verbose. I like your writing style and will definitely become a frequent visitor to your travel journal.

    Regarding LilyBoy’s, can you share further info about the rooms? Do they have family rooms for 4 or more? Also I’d appreciate your observations about how child safe the place is. Like you, i have a preschooler whom i need to watch closely 🙂 Lastly, I’d be eager to know which you’d recommend more highly: LilyBoy’s or Wilson’s. Thanks.


    1. Hi Veca. Thank you. About the rooms, yes they have rooms that are good for 4 pax and up. Aside from the pools (they have two) and staircases, it’s pretty safe. No lifeguards. They have dogs but they are usually inside a fence. I can’t differentiate between lilyboy’s and wilson’s since the experience is different in each. Lilyboy’s is more laid back with lots of trees and plants. You can also explore the outside and see some farmland. Wilson’s on the other hand is modern. You feel like being in a hotel even when you’re not. I recommend you try both.


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