Christmas @ The Village Sports Club


This is going to be a short and sweet post.. I just wanted to share some photos from our time at The Village Sports Club. Since we didn’t see a lot of the club facilities other than the pool, I won’t be making this a review.

One of my friends is a member and she invited us along with our kids to spend a day12347732_1214734588553271_79175449165185077_n at the swimming pool last Christmas.  The club itself is located inside BF Homes, Paranaque in El Grande, corner Tropical Avenue. Since we live in the same subdivision, we didn’t have a hard time finding it.

As I entered the club, my overall impression is that it’s well maintained and relatively new. The facilities (e.g. lobby, changing area, shower room and pool area) were nice and the staff were courteous and friendly.

12342781_1214734778553252_2049148078598849924_nWe then went straight to the pool area which was quite expansive. There was a lap pool, a water playground with slides and a wading pool, plus a larger lagoon swimming pool. Conveniently located near the pool is also a small restaurant. They serve drinks at the pool area as well. Note that you can’t bring in snacks. Their menu prices were reasonable but we just bought snacks and refreshments so I can’t comment on the quality or taste of their food.

We asked about the membership and I can’t remember the exact cost (I think PHP400K). But you need to buy the membership share plus pay a monthly fee. Seems like good value for money especially if you have an active lifestyle. The accessibility for those who live in BF Homes is definitely a plus.

Here are some more photos taken from a GoPro Hero 4:


The kids enjoyed their swim and we had a hard time getting them out of the water. It was a fun day and we definitely won’t pass up the chance to go back to the club.

In case you are interested in becoming a member, click this link for more information: The Village Sports Club. You can also contact them through the following: Tel No: +63 2 8221000 or Email:


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