Change is coming… and I’m not talking about our country and the newly elected President and Vice President, but there is also that and not knowing what will happen to our country in the next 6 years. I hope and pray that whatever happens, it’s for the greater good. No one is perfect, and I’m sure President Digong won’t be. I just hope that the good will outweigh the bad, for the sake of our nation, it’s people, and the future of my daughter.

Enough of the introspection, when there are big changes happening in my life, I normally blog about it. It’s a way for me to remember the event, and a way for me to voice out my hopes and fears. After three years with the same company, I will again go through a period of adjustment. I am lucky, I guess, in that I chose this change and it was not forced on me. It is an opportunity to learn something new and a chance to prove my worth. I prayed to God, like I do for any major event happening in my life. I prayed that if it was meant to be, then I would get it and if it was not, then I would move on and be at peace.

I guess it is meant to be. So on to the next challenge and the chance to pursue my hopes and dreams for myself and for those who are important to me. Wish me luck!


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