Review: Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna

Crispy Squid

Crispy Squid

Since we work in Makati, one of the perks my friends and I at the office enjoy is trying out the quaint restaurants that have started sprouting in ground floor levels of office buildings and condos all over the city. We like to try them out because they are quite accessible from work and they are not the usual restaurants you can find at the mall.

One of the restaurants we tried over at Rada is the Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna. I know the name is quite a handful and if I remember correctly from my many visits to the town of Liliw in Laguna, it’s not reallyScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.46.50 PM known for food. The town is actually known for the slippers and footwear that are locally made and they even have a street or two which is cramped full of shops that tourists frequent especially during summer or the holy week. They also have a very old church which has impressive architecture and it’s my favorite place to visit when we go on our annual Visita Iglesia.

Anyway, the restaurant is actually very small and you won’t even notice it’s there unless you know where to look. If you are planning to dine there with a large party, ensure you reserve ahead of time. It is usually full.



 Most of the dishes we’ve tried are very tasty and delicious. We especially love their complementary bread. It’s very soft and tasty, just the way I like it. Tip: ask for seconds! they are very happy to give you more bread. 

My personal favorite is the crispy squid. The serving looks small but it’s actually just right. It’s really crispy and flavorful and you’ll want to order another serving. Their adobo and paksiw na pata are also very good. If you want to try noodles, get their sotanghon. One of the best I’ve tried. I would have to say that of all the dishes we’ve tried, the one I liked the least is their Kare-Kare. It’s quite pricey but substantial. However, I felt like it lacked seasoning. 😦

My overall rating is 5/5. I highly recommend you try it if ever you are in the area. It’s right across other restaurants like Wildflour and Sarsa at HRC Centre, 104 Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Kare Kare

Kare Kare


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