Review: Test Kitchen Caffe

Pork Liempochon

Pork Liempochon

Since we live in BF Homes in the South of Manila, my girlfriends and I always make it a point to try out something new when we go out. In the last 10 years, our village has become a popular spot for foodies because of the large number of bars, restaurants and coffee shops that have sprouted along the main roads. On the bright side, this has given us a lot of choices for dining/hanging out in locations very accessible to our homes. However, this has made the traffic really bad 😦 and the cases of bar room brawls more rampant.

Anyway, on one such occasion, we decided to try out the Test Kitchen Caffe. It’s located over at Tropical Avenue near the village exit going to Casimiro. It’s actually a very small restaurant with just a few tables for diners. Their claim to fame, according to some articles I’ve read, is their Liempochon. We enjoyed the well-seasoned dish in addition to the signature crunch that all lechon lovers look for. We also tried their own version of Kaldereta which we loved as well. The two dishes which were just so-so was their Beef Kalbi, which seemed overcooked, and their Adobo Pasta. We also tried their milkshakes, their blueberry cheesecake and belgian chocholate revel bar. None of these were exceptional either.



If asked whether we would go back, the answer is we might, just for their liempochon and the kaldereta. However, there is one major area that I think they should consider doing and that is to improve and train their staff on good customer service. The only waitress in the restaurant was not very courteous and looked like she did not really want to be there. Good customer service goes a long way in ensuring your customers stay with you and in that area, they failed miserably. My overall rating would be a 2.5/5.


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