Day Tour at Canyon Cove Resort

At the poolside

At the poolside


During one of our longer stays in Tagaytay, we decided to check nearby Batangas for it’s beaches and ended up trying out Canyon Cove Resort in Nasugbu. This is something you might thing of doing as well if you are staying in Tagaytay for 3-4 days. Since we only tried their day tour package, I won’t be posting a review. I think I’ll reserve that for the next time we book accommodations.

Beach Front

Beach Front

The great thing about booking the day tour is that part of the rate is also consumable and you can use it in the restaurant (they serve Max’s menu at the resto). For the life of me, I cannot remember the rate per person. All I can remember is that it was worth it. Kids aged 3 and below, I believe, are free of charge and they are not too strict about that.

Their pool is one of their best features. It’s quite big and beautifully situated. ItDSC_0470E has a bar near the middle in case you want to get some drinks. It is also a child-favorite because one of the pools is quite shallow and good for small children to wade in. My daughter loved it! Cabanas are also situated around the pool-side in case you want to rent one out. This is quite useful especially for those who just availed of the day tour.

Just a few steps away you can find the stairs leading down to the beach area. What else could you look for? The sand is not pure white but it is pleasing enough. The water is clean and you can see small fish swimming with you. There are also some cabanas situated along the beach front that you can rent out.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and the next time we visit, we will try staying the night so we can explore more of the resort and the facilities that it offers. If there was one thing that they could have done better for day tourists, it’s to improve the shower area. Unless there was another shower area, the only one we could use was located outside, near the pool side. Just imagine how hard it was to wash up?!?

Until next time, Canyon Cove!





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