Review: Milky Moustache

During the Christmas season, my friends and I decided to try out the Milky Moustache since it’s located very near my parent’s house. We’ve seen one or two features on it as one of the places to try out in BF Homes.

With all of the hype, we had high expectations and we were a bit disappointed. The place was quite small and with very limited parking spaces. The menu was limited and the drinks we’re okay. Nothing really extraordinary.

I guess our biggest disappointment is really the staff and service. There were about three or four of them and when asked about the menu only one could answer and it seemed she did not know it that well either. Some of the items were not on their menu. We ordered The Mario (kitkat) and Iced Coffee. We also tried the Banoffee and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Upon delivering the drinks to our table, there were no straws and no spoons for the desserts. When one of the waiters did bring a box which was supposed to contain the spoons/forks, it was empty. They did not even check.


They also displayed the Zap logo in their establishment so my friend tried to ask the cashier about what she needed to do. Despite repeated questions, she did not get a satisfactory reply. It was either they did not know what it was for or they did not want to offer the discounts or rebates. So much for being a member establishment.


Overall, we rate it a 3/5 and that is being generous. We have no plans to try it again at this point but if you want to stop by, they are located at 67 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City




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