Chillin’ at Casa Minerva


At the deck

At the deck


Taking a walk outside

We live in a tropical country where temperatures reach as high as 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit), that’s why we take advantage of cool weather whenever we can. The coolest months in the Philippines are from December to February and when Summer comes, you will definitely notice it. If you live in the NCR (national capital region), the nearest place to enjoy cool weather is in Tagaytay City.

Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Nowadays, you can’t really find a nice place to stay in Tagaytay without spending probably around 4,000 to 6000 Php per room and most of the time, that is only good enough for 2 pax. We are a pretty close knit family and with those rates, we roughly spend about Php 10,000 to 15,000 each time we go to Tagaytay as a group. This does not include the amount of money we spend when we eat out. Traffic has been terrible lately as well, so finding a place where you can already eat your meals, let alone cook what you want, is surely an attractive proposition. Not being in traffic means we get to spend more time enjoying the cool weather which is the reason we went there in the first place.

Good AM Tagaytay

Good AM Tagaytay

Now what makes Casa Minerva different from all the B&B’s, hotels and inns that they have in Tagaytay? That’s just it. It isn’t a B&B, hotel or inn. It’s actually a whole house for rent. Think private pool only it’s not in Laguna and you get to spend the whole day there, not just a few hours, plus it’s in the cool city of Tagaytay. Now who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to rent a whole house, with pool and kitchen good for 20 pax for just PHP12,500? We sure did!

Espie at the grill

Espie at the grill


Enjoying the chilly morning outside

Now being a vacation house, don’t expect it to be a hotel with 5 star amenities. What it offers you is the comforts of home in Tagaytay for a very affordable price. It’s suitable for big groups, whether it be family or friends. The location is ideal since it’s off the main road in a residential area so it’s quiet and serene. Definitely not a party place if that’s what your looking for. Casa Minerva offers 4 bedrooms, a nice living room and den, 4 T&B, a kitchen complete with cooking appliances (e.g. rice cooker, microwave, etc.), indoor and outdoor dining area, grill and infinite pool and the best feature of all, in my opinion, a nice balcony/deck where you can just chill and hang out. They also have cable television and free WiFi. The latter is quite a help since the cell sites in that area are pretty weak and sometimes you don’t get a signal while inside the house. Tip: Try going out to the balcony or down to the street if you want to make a call.


Check out some of the amenities of Casa Minerva in the gallery below:


Sam enjoying a half dip in the pool..

Sam enjoying a half dip in the pool..

Staying at Casa Minerva gave us the flexibility to enjoy different activities that we would not ordinarily be able to do in just any B&B or hotel. Cooking and grilling our own meals, swimming in our own pool (minus the crowd), playing our own karaoke machine and drinking while enjoying the deck on a chilly night were just some of the things we were able to do during our stay.

Being in a residential area also meant that we could explore and enjoy a walk outside in relative safety since there weren’t a lot of cars or people for that matter. With kids around, this is always a consideration. Taking a walk early in the morning in such nice surroundings really helped clear the mind and let us enjoy some time away from the stress of our daily lives



Taking a look at a Retreat House near Casa Minerva

Our stay at the Casa Minerva was a pleasant surprise. One that we will be sure to repeat again. I can just imagine staying here in the Summer when we can really enjoy the pool. 🙂 Big gatherings like team buildings and parties also come to mind as nice occasions to celebrate in Casa Minerva. Till then, see you soon..

In case you would like to book your stay at Casa Minerva, you can check them out on Facebook or contact them through 0917-6376045 or 0917-8450523. Casa Minerva is located at 2045 Le Guinhawa Road, Guinhawa South, Tagaytay City. It is located very near Bag of Beans and Soto Grande. In case you have seen my post on LilyBoy’s, they are within walking distance of each other.

The Iconic Jump Shot

The Iconic Jump Shot

The whole gang

The whole gang

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